Buy Low Price Toysmith 3D Squares – Space (B00009468V)

Buy lowest price Toysmith 3D Squares – Space (B00009468V). Enhance your brain with this awesome 3D Puzzles. Buy and save your Toysmith 3D Squares – Space (B00009468V) today.

Picture of Toysmith 3D Squares - Space (B00009468V) (3D Puzzles)

Toysmith 3D Squares – Space (B00009468V)

Brand by: Toysmith Puzzles

Price: $NA

Each square tile of this puzzle only has half the subject shuttles, moons, astronauts and space telescopes on each edge but the trick is matching them all up correctly. This 3-D Squares puzzle is 8″ square, including the handy travel tray and lid. Perfect for the coffee table or travel.
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Did you know that some people search puzzle squares 3d to come to this puzzle.

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