Buy Low Price Fun Wooden Sign Language Puzzle (B0049V64FG)

Buy lowest price Fun Wooden Sign Language Puzzle (B0049V64FG). Enhance your brain with this awesome Pegged Puzzles. Buy and save your Fun Wooden Sign Language Puzzle (B0049V64FG) today.

Picture of Fun Wooden Sign Language Puzzle (B0049V64FG) (Pegged Puzzles)

Fun Wooden Sign Language Puzzle (B0049V64FG)

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Colorful, beautifully illustrated 24-piece floor puzzle depicts the inside of a pyramid with hieroglyphics, tombs, statues, and figures. Measures 2′ X 3′. This puzzle features realistic illustrations of hands forming 26 letter signs. Lifting each wooden piece reveals the corresponding upper and lower case letter as well as a matching picture. Great for teaching basic sign language finger spelling and great to reinforce the words on the spelling list kinesthetically! Melissa and Doug toys are made from all natural wood. All colors are painted with non-toxic water based paints. They contain no lead and are a fantastic alternative to plastic toys that are derived from petroleum which may emit residue and are harmful to our environment.
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