Buy Low Price Fun ThinkFun Fifteen Puzzle (B00005J36F)

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Picture of Fun ThinkFun Fifteen Puzzle (B00005J36F) (Brain Teasers)

Fun ThinkFun Fifteen Puzzle (B00005J36F)

Brand by: ThinkFun Puzzles

Price: $5.89

The Fifteen Puzzle is a classic numerical nightmare, originally introduced in 1880. Binary Arts has recreated it in smooth, polished metal and decorative enamel, just as it appeared at the height of its popularity during the 1930s. Scramble the 15 numbered tiles in the tray, then try to slide them into correct numerical order. Enclosed booklet features over 30 additional challenges; handy leatherette carry bag included.

Features Stainless steel construction for smooth operation and durability, handy travel case and over 30 challenges included in booklet. The perfect pocket-size travel game.
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